Friday, October 14


Winnie the Witch lives in a big house in the forest. 
The house is black, the doors are black, the chairs are black, the bed is black... Even the bath is black.
Winnie lives with her cat Wilbur. He is black too!!
One day Winnie trips over Wilbur and falls down the stairs. She is angry and she waves her magic wand three times, ABRACADABRA!

Let's sing Winnie's Song!  
A big tall hat                                A long black tail
Ten long toes                              Big green eyes
A black magic wand                   He goes with Winnie
A long red nose.                         When she flies.
She's Winnie                               He's Wilbur
Winnie the Witch.                       Wilbur the cat.

 Let's learn Winnie's House Chant!